Details Landscape Art is one of the premier landscape contractors in Sonoma County and the North Bay. We are a design-build landscaper, specializing in creating outdoor living environments. Cooper PatioThere are hundreds of landscapers in the area, and almost all are capable of planting plants, installing irrigation and spreading mulch. Some of their gardens may look nice, some just OK, some maybe not so much.

Creating a garden to live in requires a unique talent, and we believe we can build special outdoor areas.

The process begins with a thorough interview with the client. What is their lifestyle? Are they retired? Is it extremely hot in the afternoon or is it a shady area? Do they have dogs? Kids? Will there be large family gatherings? Our tag line ‘Gardens for Life’ means that we tailor gardens to fit homeowners’ lifestyle.IMG_0770

In California, where space is at a premium and lots seem to be smaller and smaller, neighbors’ houses and traffic noise seem to be common issues. One common element we strive to create is privacy or even intimacy, if possible. Arbors can create vertical interest, and screening shrubs or appropriate size trees can often do the trick. A secluded garden is peaceful. And adding the sound of running water – either a fountain or a waterfall/pond- is always a magical addition to the serenity of a landscape.

Some clients want a swimming pool, some a bocce ball court, some a swing set for the kids, some a large lawn to kick the soccer ball around. Whatever the need, we can fill it with a tasteful, delicious garden.

Gardens come in flavors and stir emotions in their visitors. A garden can be a quiet retreat to drink morning coffee and listen to the birds, a comfortable outdoor entertaining area, an inviting space for children to play, or a stunning display of flowers and foliage.

What’s your flavor?