An awesome element to add evening drama to a garden is low voltage lighting. When the colors and textures fade with the late afternoon sun, and darkness covers the landscape, lighting highlights and accents various plants and features.

Low Voltage LightingA low voltage lighting system consists of a transformer with a timer, path lights and/or up lights and down lights, and lighting wire. The transformer converts 110v. house current to 220v. low voltage current. It must be plugged into an electrical outlet and the built in timer is programmable to go on and off at designated times during the day. Transformers come in 300 watt, 600 watt, and 900 watt, and even larger, to accommodate the wattage of the lights being run.

Path lights illuminate walkways and patios, and are usually placed at strategic locations to light the entries and exits to doors, gates, steps and at intersections of pathways. Up lights highlight vertical features such as trees, arbors, or house walls and also waterfalls, garden art, or other interesting aspects in the garden. Down lights are placed in branches of mature trees to light, patios or other dark garden areas.

Details Landscape Art designs and builds low voltage lighting systems in a tasteful conservative manner. We don’t like walkways to look like airport runways. Nor do we try to highlight every tree and feature in the yard. Tasteful is the operative word. Lighting systems are not intended to provide daylight illumination – that is the job of halogen lights if required. Low voltage lights are accents. Less lights are sometimes more effective than more lights.