For twenty-eight years Details Landscape Art has been designing and building residential landscaping in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties. Although residential landscaping is our bread and butter, there are certain commercial facilities that we call quasi-residential that would greatly benefit from a beautifully landscaped garden.DSCN1579

We like to say that the appearance of the exterior of a commercial facility makes a huge statement about the quality of the products and services offered by the business.

Bed and Breakfasts – are really residences that have been divided into separated rooms or suites for rent, with common indoor areas such as foyers, living rooms and breakfast rooms. They also usually have common outdoor areas, such as gardens, patios, swimming pools, and walkways connecting these outdoor living spaces to each other and to the main house. Bed and breakfasts are ideal referrals for Details Landscape Art. People stay at bed and breakfast establishments rather than hotels, because they are looking for that ‘home away from home’ ambience, rather than the sterile hotel feel. We would create the same private, beautiful, cozy garden atmosphere that we would at a residence.

Wineries – are perfect applications for the creation of a beautiful garden, especially the tasting room area. Wineries like to offer a relaxing place for visitors to enjoy their wines, maybe share a picnic lunch with friends and family, and maybe grow herbs and vegetables if a restaurant is associated with the winery. Wineries cater to clientele that seek the finer amenities that life has to offer – fine wines, fine dining, and a fine garden would be the perfect addition to entice customers to linger with a glass of wine and relax with friends or family.

Golf Courses and Country Clubs – typically have many areas around the facility that cry out for beautiful grounds and landscaping – adjacent to the first tee, around the clubhouse, near the swimming pool, along the entry driveway – all are perfect applications for a Details Landscape Art creation. All too often we find that golf clubs are utilizing their course maintenance crew to design and implement their garden areas. We see them repeating the same mistakes over and over, ripping out one years planting and replacing it with the new version. What an opportunity for us to show them ‘Do It Once, Do It Right’.

Small Resorts – really the same type of commercial application as Bed and Breakfasts (above), but typically on a larger scale with multiple buildings, pools, gardens and outdoor entertaining areas, with correspondingly more walkways, driveways, patios and pool. We would treat these gardens as if they were a residential garden

Rural Country Restaurants –  Dining establishments with their own independent buildings in a setting that might lend itself to a beautiful landscape. They also may grow their own vegetables on site, which we would be able to incorporate into an overall garden design.

Any quasi residential facility that caters to clientele who linger and enjoy their products and services would greatly benefit from a beautifully landscaped garden. These businesses have the same garden needs as any other residential landscaping.