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As a homeowner begins to consider their outdoor living needs, and decides to select a landscape contractor, the choices can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of licensed landscapers out there offering a variety of services. If they are licensed, they probably are capable of installing basic landscaping. How does a homeowner choose among them?

“When choosing a contractor, reliability and professionalism are certainly key factors to be considered, as well as price” says Travis Bradley, co-owner of Details Landscape Art with his father, Scott, “but picking a landscaper is not like hiring a plumber or an electrician, where you call three companies to bid on the same project and choose the least expensive. Landscaping includes the elements of aesthetics and style. Ten different landscapers will be bidding on ten different visions of a garden.”

Creating fine gardens throughout the North Bay, they credit their success to the unusual design ideas of Travis and Scott, who cater to homeowners who like the idea of meticulous work, yet something a little out of the ordinary.

A balanced design incorporates rock, stone, wood, and plant elements. Scott says: “Gone are the days of ’60’s landscaping…wall-to-wall grass, a three foot planting area around the perimeter, five junipers and a tree. We believe it costs no more to be imaginative and do something creative, something exciting. At Details Landscape Art, we try to include design elements to make a garden vibrant and interesting.”

Some of the following are illustrated in the accompanying photos:

  • Mixing heights, textures and bloom seasons of plantings, as well as blending deciduous and evergreen, promises a visually appealing look all year long.
  • A curvilinear patio out in the garden is no more expensive than a conventional rectangular slab adjacent to a rectangular house.
  • Planting deciduous trees in the interior of a garden closer to the house can provide shade in summer and let in warmth in winter.
  • A well- balanced garden includes some rock and some wood elements, while being careful to keep it simple by not mixing too many types of materials such as stone, tile and brick in the same project.
  • Seat walls around a patio can be attractive ways to frame an outdoor living area and provide additional seating for entertaining. They can be constructed of natural or cultured stone to complement the patio surface.
  • Grass areas can be small, or even non-existent. These high water use outdoor carpets also require the most maintenance of any plant material.

There are lots of ways to do a garden. Travis: “We take pride in a job well done, and a garden that doesn’t look like every other yard on the block.”


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