Patio design is an art form unto itself.

We build beautiful outdoor entertaining areas in functional yet interesting shapes using a variety of materials, including stamped concrete, flagstone, tile, brick and exposed aggregate. And our walkways carry garden visitors from one area to another in materials and colors that coordinate with our patio design.

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Patio and Walkway Design

We design patios for function  and beauty. Curvilinear shapes maximize usable space, whether circles, ovals, kidney shaped  or other; squares and rectangles have corners that are generally not used. We ask the homeowner about their entertaining needs, such as how many people they typically entertain, what type of furniture they would like, and whether a fire pit or outdoor kitchen is in their plans. We then design a size and shape to accommodate their lifestyle.

At Details Landscape Art, we like to connect the various elements of the garden with pathways. Whether from the driveway to the front entry, or an entertaining area to the side gate, walkways are the veins and arteries of the landscape. Details is one of the premier design-build contractors in the North Bay, and we generally try to encourage homeowners to participate in their gardens rather than just look at them. We hope people will enjoy gardening, entertaining, pausing for a cocktail or a cup of coffee, or smelling the roses. Pathways facilitate movement from one area to another.

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Here are some more examples of our walkways and patio design. Enjoy!