Whether sun or shade, Asian or Mediterranean, a gorgeous display of flowers and foliage can be seen in our gardens.

We deliver contrast, color, texture and height variation, while considering our client’s need for privacy, shade, and their requests for fragrance, birds, butterflies, and special plants. Plant selection is subjective, and we hope our photos show off our taste.

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Garden Design and Plant Selection

Details Landscape Art designs and builds some of the most beautiful gardens in Sonoma County. Our premier landscape design have created excellent results for property owners. Why are we so successful? One of the reasons is the selection of plant material. And it’s not so much the individual plants we choose, but rather the plant combinations we put together. We do like to mix heights, textures and bloom seasons, but we also factor in color and contrast, both flowers and foliage. Most flowering shrubs bloom for about a month or six weeks, which means they are out of bloom for ten or eleven months of the year! So the color and texture of the foliage is really important -especially when seen with other adjacent plants.

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Here are some more examples of our garden design.