Water cascading down a slope, tumbling over rocks into a koi pond, or even a pondless waterfall makes a garden come alive with the movement and sound of water.

We build water features and dry creek beds using large moss-covered boulders and a variety of smaller rock interspersed with grasses to achieve a natural look.

We subcontract our swimming pools to pool contractors, but work closely with them and with the client in the design process.

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Landscaping Water Features

For thousands of years Asians, and especially the Japanese, have known the tranquility and serenity of the sound of running water. Incorporating a water feature is a wonderful addition to any garden. It can range from running streams into waterfalls into ponds, to fountains and birdbaths.

Interesting water art pieces are available to purchase – unique sculpture fountains with a variety of pump and water flow configurations, and birdbaths ranging from simple to exotic. At Details Landscape Art, one of Sonoma County’s finest landscape contractors, we often find and install these unusual pieces in our gardens. Our specialty, however, is designing and building ponds and waterfalls.

Depending on the topography, we may recommend a meandering creek running down to a waterfall, which spills into a pond. We can also build a pondless waterfall with a hidden reservoir! All our water features are natural looking. We use large moss-covered placement boulders, small and medium size fieldstone boulders, river rock lining the walls of the creek bed or pond, cobbles and smaller gravel all blended to look as natural as possible. We plant ornamental grasses in and on the banks and edges of the water, decorate with logs or driftwood if we can find them, and love to add koi.

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Here are some more examples of our Water Features.