Anything is possible…we create unusual curvilinear patio shapes and meandering garden pathways in a variety of surfaces.

Stamped concrete patio, framed by a ledgestone seat wall, steps down to and contrasts with a Fiberon synthetic deck


  • Flagstone
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Tile
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Brick

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Details Landscape Art designs and builds beautiful outdoor patio landscaping. Our stamped concrete features a texture mat finish, showing veins, nooks and crannies and imperfect detailing. We include two colors – a base color and an accent color, and the result is a surface that looks like natural stone. We can also stamp with a variety of available patterns.

We build gorgeous flagstone patios and walkways, either mortared onto a concrete base or set in either compacted fill dirt or decomposed granite. There are several varieties available ranging from Arizona flagstone to Connecticut Bluestone to Multi-blend, and always with a matching grout color.

There are hundreds of outdoor tile colors and textures to choose from, and many brick types and colors as well as brick patterns. Exposed aggregate or broom-finished surfaces are available with or without integral color.

Our concrete work usually includes a layer of road base which acts as a shock absorber. A grid of rebar is installed to prevent shifting in the event of hairline cracks, and score marks are cut to encourage the concrete to crack where we want it to crack.

In short, our patios and walkways are done beautifully, tastefully, and are built to last.


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