Whenever possible we love to include rock or natural stonescapes in a garden.

It adds an earthy, stable, masculine texture to contrast with wood and soft greenery and color. Whether placement boulders, stone walls, flagstone, cultured stone or brick, our masonry is well built and beautiful.

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Masonry Design-Build

Natural stone is an important element in a garden. Our rustic stonescaping includes mortared or dry stack fieldstone and ledgestone walls, large placement boulders, flagstone, and a variety of stone veneer and cultured stone applications. We like to include wood, stone, and water elements as well as greenery in our gardens; the contrast in textures adds another layer of interest.

There are hundreds of stone veneer and cultured stone products available in the North Bay, and we work with the homeowner to select the right one for the application based on their taste, the style and color of the home, and the other elements in the garden. We are careful, however, not too mix too many different hardscape elements. A garden that has brick and flagstone and cultured stone and tile is way too busy. Simplicity and consistency are always more appealing.

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Here are some more photos of our Masonry and Stonescaping.