In addition to designing and building gardens that include a variety of different style patios, Details Landscape Art often recommends the construction of a seat wall, either at the perimeter or as a stone planter in the interior of the patio. The seat wall offers not only the functional benefit of additional patio seating, but also visual interest. It can frame the edge of the dining area or break up a larger expanse of patio with an interior element.


The construction of the seat wall starts with a concrete or cinder block base, six inches thick and approximately sixteen inches high. The length depends on the size of the patio, and the needs of the homeowner, usually based on the number of people entertained. The base wall is then faced with either cultured stone or flagstone. There is a huge selection of cultured stone available, in every stone style and color imaginable. Details Landscape Art will assist the client in coordinating the stone with other hardscape elements in the landscape. Both the front and back of the wall are usually faced.

The wall is then capped with 1 ½ inch thick flagstone, in a color that blends with the wall stone selected. The sharp edges of the flagstone cap are rounded with a grinder to provide a comfortable seat.

The finished wall is a beautiful feature that enhances any patio, and will endure for the life of the garden.