As a licensed North Bay landscape contractor, Details Landscape Art is concerned with cell phone safety while driving. Our employees may be driving our trucks, and suppliers may be delivering products to the jobsite. We are always concerned with cell phone safety while driving.

Scott Bradley of Details Landscaper Art

Most of us have been driving behind someone who is driving erratically as they try to use their cell phone. They weave and meander, fight to stay in their lane, almost losing control of their vehicle.

Recent legislation in California and in most other states in the United States REQUIRE THE USE OF A HANDS FREE DEVICE. IT IS THE LAW. Fines and tickets are issued for cell phone violations.


Responsible use of available technology can limit accidents and protect your safety while talking and travelling. We offer the following safety suggestions:

  • Install and learn how to use a hands free device. Many newer model vehicles include Bluetooth technology as standard equipment. Older models require the purchase of an independent hands free device that can be easily paired to your phone.
  • Get to know your phone and its features. Learn how to coordinate your cell phone with your hands free device.
  • A hands free device will allow hand free telephoning, but NOT TEXTING. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. If you need to text, pull over safely, park and text.
  • Avoid phone calls, even with a hands free device in heavy traffic and especially in hazardous weather conditions. Wet and slippery roads, and stormy weather require your full 100% undivided attention.
  • Do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving. Most hands free devices include applications such as address books and note taking that can be utilized hands free.
  • If possible, place calls when you are not moving or merging.
  • Do not attempt to look up addresses or on your cell phone directions while. Again, most hands free devices can access your phone’s maps and directions application by voice command.
  • Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations that may divert your attention from the road.

This last point is crucial since several preliminary studies have shown a high correlation between the complexity and emotional content of a call and the amount of distraction it causes. If you have a matter of high urgency or involving deep emotions, pull off to the side of the road until you’re done.

The cell phone laws do not affect passengers, but out-of state drivers ARE required to follow California cell phone laws. The law does allow for a driver to use a wireless telephone hands free to make emergency calls to a law enforcement agency, a medical provider, the fire department or other emergency services agency.

Details Landscape Art frequently uses our trucks for meetings, hauling materials, transporting tools and equipment, and visiting jobsites. We have hands free ‘Bluetooth’ devices and our cell phone is paired to these vehicle’s hands free devices. Cell phone safety while driving is an important safety issue.