Details Landscape Art is a design-build landscape contractor, creating beautiful landscapes throughout the North Bay, including Sonoma County, Marin County and Napa County. In addition to creating fine gardens, we are thoroughly professional.DSCN0739

We are reliable, courteous and conscientious, return phone calls promptly, keep appointments, complete projects on a timely basis, and treat clients, suppliers and associates with respect. Do not underestimate these qualities. They have helped build our landscaping business into a successful operation with a stellar reputation.

We are the antithesis of the ‘flaky’ contractor. Scott Bradley is the owner-operator, chief designer, materials procurement officer, client hand holder, and chief cook and bottle washer. Scott’s background and education is in the business world. He earned a BS in Business from the University of North Carolina and a Masters degree from Golden Gate University, which led him to a twenty-year career as a CPA. Jobs in both public accounting and private industry were successful but not fulfilling – he was an empty suit. Not cutout for sitting behind a desk or keeping track of other people’s businesses, he had the heart of an entrepreneur and a passion for gardening.

He had no knowledge or training in design or horticulture, but had a passion for creating beautiful things. He learned the landscaping part ‘on the fly’, so to speak, made plenty of mistakes in the early years, watched subcontractors he hired carefully, and figured it out. By trial and error he learned wood working, which plants did well and which plants didn’t, what stone looked good with other materials, and how to make a garden sparkle.

But all the time he was learning the horticulture and design side, he already had the business side in his pocket. And a big part of the business side was knowing how to treat people in a professional manner. As a CPA he was accustomed to clients expectations of professionalism in his demeanor and in keeping his word. He had the skills to hire the right people and train them well. He looked for employees who were good people with a good work ethic, and taught them whatever skills they were missing on the landscaping side. Our employees treat customers with courtesy and respect in Scott’s absence, in spite of a partial language barrier. Clients appreciate the professionalism of our hardworking employees. No, Scott doesn’t wear a suit anymore to play in the dirt and pick up plants at the nursery…not expected of a design-build landscape contractor…and not necessary.

Conversely, Details Landscape has high expectations for the clients they serve. We require simple courtesy and professionalism from those we deal with. If we spend time consulting several times with a prospect, sketching a garden, making changes, figuring out an estimate, etc. we expect a timely response. If another company is hired, or we otherwise don’t get the job, we ask for the courtesy to let us know. If we call, please call back. Professionalism works both ways. It is our little niche of the landscape contracting market. It is our philosophy as a design-build landscape contractor.