At Details Landscape Art, we build gorgeous landscapes in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, Novato, Sonoma, Napa, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Cotati and Penngrove. The ‘Gardens for Life’ tag has two meanings. The first, discussed at length in the prior blog post, refers to gardens that fit the lifestyle of the homeowner. The second meaning is gardens built for a lifetime.IMG_0553

We are landscape contractors that build gardens to last, that, with a modest degree of normal maintenance, will stand the test of time. That’s not to say that every element in the landscape will last forever; certain plants, just like people, have a limited lifespan. Fences are constructed using redwood or cedar that will deteriorate over time. The drip irrigation tubing may need repair or replacement over time. And other elements may need occasional freshening up.

But given normal, minimal maintenance, the basic structure of gardens designed and built by Details Landscape Art will last a lifetime. One of our mottos is ‘Do It Once, Do It Right’.

We recommend the following to prolong the integrity and enjoyment of our work:

Bark: Over time, the bark (just like all exterior wood), will oxidize, turn gray and deteriorate. New bark can be added, but after a few new bark applications, the layers can become too thick, burying the drip tubing and lighting wire. Since only the surface oxidizes, we recommend adding only an inch the first time, then the next time raking off an inch, and then continue to alternate.Matzen Pieris

Stamped concrete: If a sealer is applied, it will gradually wear off, and must be reapplied. The frequency depends on exposure to the elements and foot traffic. Clean the patio thoroughly before applying.circular-patio-steps

Trees: If structure pruned in the formative years of a tree’s life, minimal annual thinning and pruning to shape is all that’s needed.Golden Maple_2

Plants: Some plants may reach the end of their lives and need to be replaced and sometimes the homeowner might want to change out a few plants to achieve a new look. Perennials will need deadheading and a winter pruning of some plant material is advisable.Bartel Rhodies

Fences and arbors: We build solid wood structures that will last fifteen to twenty years or even more. Armor All makes a product (essentially a bleach) that will remove the oxidation on the surface if desired. Otherwise, let it turn gray naturally. Wood will expand and contract with moisture, and it’s likely that the screws will protrude when the wood shrinks. Simply screw them down so they are flush with the surface. Do not go too deep, as the recessed hole will collect water. Also, keep dirt and bark off the fence, as they will accelerate deterioration.Fences

Drip irrigation: Hard water minerals may slowly accumulate in the drip tubing. Chlorine tablets (found at any pool supply store) can be broken into pieces and inserted into the large filter canister of the drip valve. The water, as it travels through the valve and filter, will break down the chlorine tablets allowing them to pass through the drip tubing dissolving the mineral deposits. The emitters themselves may need replacing over time. Generally we suggest that the homeowner run the system once a year to check all the emitters.

Details Landscape Art builds ‘Gardens for Life’.