Rock and stonework is a staple of Details Landscape Art, one of Sonoma County’s premier landscape contractors. We think natural stone is an important element in a garden. Our rustic masonry and stonescaping includes mortared or dry stack fieldstone and ledgestone walls, large placement boulders, flagstone, and a variety of natural and cultured stone applications. Stonework

Our stone walls are built out of either cinder blocks filled with concrete and reinforced with rebar, or else solid reinforced concrete walls. The resulting walls are faced with either natural or cultured stone

Cultured stone stepped wall with flagstone cap

.There are hundreds of stone products available in the North Bay, and we work with the homeowner to select the right one for the application based on their taste, the style and color of the home, and the other elements in the garden. We are careful, however, not too mix too many different masonry elements. A garden that has brick and flagstone and cultured stone and tile is way too busy. Simplicity and consistency are always more appealing.

We also build dry stack walls, where the stones are carefully fit together, but left unmortared for a more natural look. Depending on the height of the wall, we may pour a concrete footing.

Our masonry is tasteful and artistic.  Flagstone options are Connecticut bluestone, Multi blend, and many Arizona flagstones, including Peach, Classic Oak, Buckskin, Golden Buckskin and Rosa. The flagstone patio begins with grading the site, then installing the forms according to the desired design. Base rock is added to act as sort of a shock absorber beneath the slab, then a grid of rebar is laid to ensure that any cracking does not expand or lift. The plain concrete base is poured, and the surface intentionally left rough. The flagstone will adhere better to a rough surface. We cut and chip flagstone to make an interesting random pattern, whether on a wall or a patio. We score the underside of the edge pieces and then gently break the stone, so the cut edge is not visible. Once the ‘puzzle’ is created, we pick up each stone one at a time, and wash all the cutting stone dust beneath it, then replace the stone where it was. The stone is then mortared down to the base concrete using mason’s mix with a bonding adhesive additive to make the stone stick better. We come back the next day and grout the joints, using a grout color additive that matches the flagstone.

Patio area of flagstone

Sonoma fieldstone boulders are all hand picked… we look for moss, interesting shapes and more moss. They are strategically placed, sometimes in groupings, as accents to the plant material.

We build beautiful brick walls, patios, steps and seat benches, and use brick to accent patios and to edge lawns. There are many brick colors available, ranging from pink to red to charcoal. The bricks may be installed in any of several patterns, such as running bond, herringbone, and basketweave.

Bullnose charcoal brick edging on exposed aggregate steps

A garden that has some wood, some stone, some water and some foliage is a complete and interesting garden.