Outdoor patio furniture is the last element to put the finishing touches on a beautiful and functional outdoor living and entertaining area.

Although Details Landscape Art is not in the business of buying and selling outdoor patio furniture and accessories, we certainly consider the style, size and shape of the pieces that the homeowner will use to furnish the finished garden. And we are happy to advise and sometimes shop with them to select just the right items to coordinate with the style of the garden and their entertaining needs.

Sometimes the homeowner already has a nice table and chairs or other pieces they would like to utilize. Sometimes they have a definite idea of the types of furniture they would like according to their lifestyle. During the interview process we will ask the right questions:

  • How many people live in the home and will participate in outdoor living on a daily basis?
  • How often do they entertain and host parties or barbecues?
  • How many people do they anticipate attending these outdoor functions?
  • Do they like to relax in the sun and lay out?
  • Would they like or use a fire pit

These questions will help lead us in the appropriate direction as we begin to design a patio size and shape. Sometimes the homeowner will want to shop for their outdoor patio furniture FIRST, and design the patio around the pieces they buy.

Some outdoor furniture pieces to consider are as follows:

  • Table and chairs for outdoor dining – the table may be a three-foot or a four-foot square or round table with four chairs, or an oblong or rectangular table with six chairs. The size will be a function of the number of people who are coming for dinner.
  • Lounge chairs or chaises – do the homeowners enjoy lying out in the sun? Or reading in a reclined position?
  • Combo fire pit tables – there are many tables available with built in fire pits, yet with space around the center fire area for plates and flatwarePatio area of flagstoneSectional groupings – a common outdoor living theme is some combination of matching outdoor sofas, love seats and chairs, maybe with a matching coffee table and/or end tables. This style lends itself for more ‘buffet’ style dining or barbecuing, where people grab their food or drinks and bring them back to a sitting area to eat.
  • Café or ‘bistro’ sets – smaller bistro tables, typically with two chairs, are perfect for small areas for an occasional cocktail or coffee.

One note – we prefer chairs with circular or square bases instead of legs, if possible and available. The bases are easier to move and do not scratch the patio surface. In addition, if the patio is flagstone set in sand or compacted fill dirt, the legs of chairs will eventually end up in between the flagstone pieces and sink.

Outdoor patio furniture is an integral part of the garden. The style of the furniture should fit with the flavor of the garden, and the colors should be complimentary. And the furniture should ALWAYS fit the lifestyle of the homeowner.