The following ‘Owner Responsibilities’ clauses of the Terms and Conditions section of the Landscaping Contract mostly relate to post-installation issues. Once the project is completed, the contractor has limited control over the garden. Details Landscape Art leaves detailed fertilizing and watering instructions, as well as a tutorial regarding the operation of irrigation controllers. Acts of God, negligent maintenance practices, or normal disease or infestation issues are beyond the Contractor’s control.


 11.10       Owner or Owner’s agent shall be responsible to coordinate the respective trades to insure efficient and economical accomplishment of the work.

11.21 WEEDS:  The Owner shall be held responsible for weed control or eradication unless otherwise stipulated.  CONTRACTOR SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REINFESTATION OF BERMUDA GRASS.

11.22 SPRINKLERS:  To monitor sprinkler system and to see that routine adjustments and maintenance be made. This may include cleaning of clogged sprinkler heads, changing of watering times and durations to suit seasonal changes, repairing damaged heads or other parts.

11.23 FERTILIZER:  To fertilize all lawns, groundcovers, trees, and shrubs as needed.

11.24 WATER:  To provide adequate watering of new turf and plant materials as needed.  DO NOT OVERWATER PLANT MATERIAL.  More plant material dies from over watering than any other cause.

11.25 FUNGICIDES, PESTICIDES & INSECTICIDES: To apply fungicides, pesticides, or insecticides as needed to prevent or cure disease or pests in plant material and lawns.

11.26 STAKING & GUYING:  To insure that all plant material remains staked and/or guyed until established.

11.27  PERSONAL PROPERTY:  Owner shall be responsible for moving personal property on or near jobsite. If Contractor is asked to move personal property, he shall not be held responsible for any damage.


 11.31 PROPERTY LINES AND EASEMENTS:  Owner shall be responsible for location of property lines and easements.  Any work stoppage and/or change of work because of property line disputes shall be treated as additional work and so charged.

11.32  ACCESSIBILITY:  Any change in site condition brought about by Owner and/or agent that will impede accessibility shall be treated as addition work and must be negotiated prior to commencement and/or continuation or work. Owner shall be responsible for access to the project at all times.

11.33 UNDERGROUND UTILITIES:  Owner shall be responsible for location and depth of underground utility lines and/or systems.

11.40 In compliance with Federal and State law, Owner agrees to make drinking water and toilet facilities available to all workmen or compensate Contractor for cost of rented units. Owner agrees to provide electricity and water at job site as may be required by Contractor to perform the work herein.

Unless the job site is in a remote area, Details Landscape Art usually has employees bring their own drinking water or other beverages to work every day.

In addition to these clauses, note that Details Landscape Art is NOT a licensed electrician, and will exclude electrical work from our contracts, except for the installation of low voltage lighting systems.

We strive for a smooth transition upon completion of a project. These ‘owner responsibilities’ clauses of the Terms and Conditions section list the functions and tasks the owner will assume.