Details Landscape Art is a Sonoma County landscape contractor, with beautiful installation projects throughout the North Bay. Our work is meticulous and creative, and reflects a commitment to building fine gardens. In addition, we have been known to go out of our way to add little extra touches to a project, beyond what is called for contractually.

We have been known to help the homeowner shop for outdoor patio furniture to finish off the look of a gorgeous hardscape project. Often the homeowner doesn’t really know what type of table and chairs to buy for their entertainment needs. Especially in cases where they don’t have a truck to carry the furniture home, we are glad to help.

Similarly, we may help to select and acquire large pots or fountains if the style of the garden calls for that little extra touch. And sometimes, in our travels, we find unique pieces of garden art, such as unusual birdbaths or Asian sculptures that adds something special.

Depending on the season and the particular garden, we might be found at a local retail nursery shopping for annuals or perennials in bloom to give a project a last minute boost of color.

When a project is completed, we always make ourselves available to the client for questions or advice. The first few weeks and months are critical times, especially with regards to programming irrigation controllers, and new lawn care. A small investment of our time, whether a phone call or a follow up visit, may be critical to the long range success of our installation. That’s what sets us apart as a Sonoma County Landscape contractor.

Sometimes extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. A recent project in Napa was interrupted by the North Bay firestorm in October 2017. Water was supplied to the house and the garden by a well and by spring fed water tanks. And since the power was out to the property due to the fire, the tank’s pumps were inoperative. Before the fire, during the first several weeks of the landscape project, Details Landscape Art had planted about two hundred fifty new plants, and set up a drip irrigation system. Now that there was no water supply, the new plants were without water for almost three weeks. The two main roads to access the property were closed, and the owners were under a mandatory evacuation. By the time the roads were opened, and Details Landscape Art, a Sonoma County landscape contractor, who had to drive all the way from Petaluma, was able to access the property, we found that approximately two-thirds of the plants had miraculously survived. But there was still no water available, even though the power was back on, and some of the drip lines had melted. We tried calling several water truck delivery companies, but unfortunately, none were available. We were desperate to save as many of the plants as we could, even though we could have let them perish, bought and installed new plants, and been reimbursed by the insurance company. So we spent a full day hauling buckets of water from the swimming pool all around the garden to save the surviving plants.

Talk about going the extra mile!