For the past 23 years, Details Landscape Art, a Sonoma County landscaper, has designed and installed gardens throughout the North Bay. We are licensed bonded and insured, have a talented design team, and a small well-trained crew of installation specialists. We could, not, however, do it without the reliable, knowledgeable and conscientious help of our many suppliers.IMG_1117

We are knowledgable about our trade, and take pride in a job well done. When we design a project, or bid on a project, we keep in the back of our mind the materials that are available to his locally. We know our suppliers well, and they know us well, and we keep very current on availability and pricing, with their assistance and attentiveness to our business and our needs. We buy only the finest materials available, and have used the following suppliers to acquire various products absolutely essential to a successful garden:

Sonomarin Landscape Materials – we buy our soils, bark, flagstone, fieldstone, river rock, cultured stone, decomposed granite, concrete mix and mason’s mix and associated additives, and crushed drain rock. Being a small yard, they are somewhat limited in what they have room to carry, so we are sure to order in advance so they have plenty of time to order in what we need. Their delivery service is prompt, and their drivers show up with a smile on their face and readiness to help drop our materials where we need them. This is not always the case with other larger landscape material suppliers – which is why we use Sonomarin Landscape Materials. Once in a while they just cannot get the materials we need, or cannot get it in a timely manner or for a competitive price. We understand. In those situations we do reach out to other suppliers.

Landscapes Unlimited Nursery – we have been using this wholesale nursery in west Petaluma since 1991 for almost all of our one and five gallon plant material. They carry a great selection of healthy plants, and pull orders for us quickly.

Burgess Lumber – located in Santa Rosa off Airport Road, Burgess supplies us with the finest redwood, cedar, and pressure treated wood in all sizes and dimensions, as well as associated hardware and bagged concrete. We are a small contractor by their standards, but they treat us as if we were the largest building contractor in the county.

Watersavers Irrigation – this contractor irrigation outlet supplies us with irrigation and drainage materials, and low voltage lighting fixtures and wire. Always have everything we need in stock, and quickly order what they don’t.

Urban Tree Farm – we buy 15 gallon, 24” and 36” box trees and even one and five gallon plants from our old friends at this wonderful facility in Santa Rosa. We’ve been buying from them since 1991.

CalWest Rentals – We have been renting rototillers, Bobcats, sod cutters, jackhammers, augurs and assorted equipment from this local equipment renter for over 23 years. Great service.

Carl’s Ready Mix – the concrete we use for all our poured patios and walkways as well as retaining walls comes from our old pal Carl.

As you can see, this Sonoma County landscaper has developed strong relationships with our team of suppliers, and have remained loyal to them for over twenty five years. They know we are picky and demanding, and that we require nothing but the best. Many of them hand pick what we require, or special order whatever we need. Thanks so much to them all.