Arbors can be a very nice addition to a garden. They create shady retreats, they add vertical interest, show the texture and color of wood, and provide a structure to support vines. Details Landscape Art designs and builds handcrafted arbors from either rough or surfaced redwood or cedar.

Four posted arbors are usually ‘destination’ arbors, covering a patio or other seating area, providing partial shade and a beautiful backdrop. Two posted arbors are typically ‘pass through’ arbors, framing an entry or the beginning of a walkway.

Larger, six or eight posted arbors usually cover larger entertaining and outdoor kitchen areas.

Arbors built by Details Landscape Art are three tiered. The posts are usually ten feet long, with two feet buried in concrete and eight feet extending above ground. And we always mix the concrete thoroughly in a wheelbarrow before filling the hole around the post. We NEVER pour dry concrete in the hole and then add water. That is a sure recipe for the concrete not getting mixed well, and having the posts rot in a few years.

The six by six posts are notched at the top on both sides to receive the two by eight cross members which are bolted to the posts. A hole is drilled all the way through both two by eights which rest on the notches we cut on either side of the post. A seven inch bolt is passed through this hole, with malleable washers to protect the post wood from the bolt head on one side and the nut which is fastened on the other end of the bolt, which is tightened down securely.

Then the two by sixes, which are usually spaced about two feet apart along the length of the two by eights are notched to slide down onto the two by eights. These are attached on either side with screws after pre drilling holes.

The top level is either two by twos or two by fours, spaced according to the amount of shade desired. The ends of the two by eights and the two by sixes and the two by twos (or two by fours) are trimmed or scrolled in a variety of detailed patterns.

A close up detail of one of our arbors

A close up detail of one of our arbors

Sometimes the homeowner requests lattice on the two sides of the arbor, in which case we use architectural grade lattice which is thicker and sturdier than the stapled thin lattice.

Redwood Arbor

If the arbor is constructed of surfaced wood, we router the four corners of the posts almost the entire length, and router the edges of the two by eights and the two by sixes. All arbors are either stained to bring out the rich redwood color, or primed and painted according to the tastes and needs of the homeowner.

We also build Torri Gates in Asian style gardens, also constructed from redwood. See photo below for a good example.

An Asian style arbor frames the entrance

An Asian style Torri Gate frames an entrance

Fine woodworking and craftsmanship is apparent in all our arbors.